• Winter Street Parking Ban Begins December 1st...

    Rockland Police Department Announces Parking Ban on Public Streets and Roads. No parking will be allowed for more than one hour between the hours of 12:30 am and 6:00 am More...

  • Is Your Dog a Top Dog?

    Do you think your dog is a top dog? Others may think so too. License by January 31st and send in a picture, maybe your dog will be one of Rockland's Top Dogs. See attached and find out... More »

  • Census

    Did you know your census information is used by the all these departments? If there's an emergency, you want all the members of your house counted! If your children will be going to Rockland's schools, you need to know they're being counted!

  • Rockland Wins Green Community Competitive Grant

    $245,839 Will Fund 13 Energy Savings Projects More »

Adopt A Hydrant Program Needs You »

The Rockland Fire Department is calling for residents and business to adopt a fire hydrant. Cost - $20 per hydrant...

Community Development Grant Funding Now Available For Home Repairs & Fuel Assistance »

Money is available for home repairs & fuel assistance to Rockland residents who meet income eligibility criteria.

Water Restriction By-Law Step Four in Effect »

NO OUTSIDE WATER USEVEGETABLE GARDENS ARE EXCLUDEDViolations are subject to written warning and a $100 fine


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