Town History & Data

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Taken from the Annual Town Report:

First Settled: The Town first settled around 1673. It was formerly the northeast section of Abington. Population was 4,000 when incorporated under its present name.

Name: Rockland derived its name geologically from its rocky nature. A “large rock” is mentioned in the description of the Town Seal.

Incorporated: March 9, 1874. (Acts of 1874 – Chapter 44)

Town Seal: For a complete description of Town Seal, see Town of Rockland By-Laws, Article XXVIII, Section 28.02.

County: Plymouth

Location: Southeastern Massachusetts. Rockland is approximately 20 miles from Boston; 8 miles from Brockton, and is bordered by the following towns: North by Weymouth and Hingham, South by Hanson, East by Norwell and Hanover; and West by Whitman and Abington.


YearFederal CensusTown Census
Town Census
2015 17,556

Total Registered Voters: As of December 31, 2016 – 12,222

Town Charter: Adopted March 8, 1969 at Annual Town Election. Charter became effective on January 1, 1970.

Annual Town Election: Second Saturday in April Annual

Town Meeting: A date to be determined by the Board of Selectmen not later than January 31 each year.

Type of Government: Open Town Meeting

Land Area: 10.07 Square miles

Miles of Streets: 61 1/2 miles

Number of Parcels: 5,600

Altitude: Highest: 180 feet above mean sea level

Lowest: 92.73 feet above mean sea level

Latitude: North 420 8m.

Longitude: West 700 55m.

Topographic Characteristics: Gently rolling terrain with one hill (Beech Hill) in the south which rises to about 180 feet, which is 80 feet above general local elevation of 100 feet above mean sea level. Rockland is highest point of land in Plymouth County.

U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Plates: Rockland is shown on Whitman and Weymouth Quadrangles. Rockland is included in the following areas and districts:

Tenth Massachusetts Congressional District
Fourth Councillor District
Norfolk & Plymouth Senate District
Fifth Plymouth State Representative District
Boston Metropolitan Area