Tax Rates


Tax Rates - Residential/Commercial (by year)




Tax Rates - Residential/Commercial (by year)

14.39 (1)14.8715.8117.5818.3419.0318.4918.4818.2217.92

(1) FY09 Reference (item 6) BOS Meeting Minutes 04/21/2009.
(1) FY09 Includes Override – Schools $1.8M
(1) FY09 Includes Override – Police, Fire, Highway, BOS, Assessors, Town Collector, BOH,Veterans $352.4k
(1) FY09 Includes Override – Library $348k
(1) FY09 Includes Override – Park, Council on Aging, Visiting Nurses, Youth Commission $268.9k

Tax Rates - Residential/Commercial (by year)
16.7317.2017.84 (1)13.0413.2911.479.729.7810.50 (2)10.70 (3)

(1) FY02 Includes Override – Police/Fire
(2) FY08 Includes debt exclusion, library roof for $300k
(3) FY09 Includes debt exclusion for the middle school for $295k

Tax Rates - Residential/Commercial (by year)

Note: As property valuations decrease, the tax rate increases. The reverse is also true when property values increase, the tax rate decreases. This means you should not expect your property taxes paid the following year to be less than the year before. Other impacts to future tax rates could include: Overrides, debt exclusions etc. As a Debt Exclusion is repaid, it is deducted off the tax rate because it is of a temporary nature. Override = Permanent tax increase (personnel, salaries, benefits etc. Debt Exclusion = temporary tax increase for capital expenses. Capital Expense = Buildings, equipment etc.