Land Use Counsel Search Committee

**This committee is no longer functioning.**


Land Use Counsel Search Committee meeting minutes were provided by the Committee for posting on the web site as a historical record of the work performed by the committee.

The Planning and Zoning Boards requested that the Board of Selectmen (BOS) form a temporary committee to develop an RFP for Land Use Counsel. The committee formed by the Selectmen consisted of 2 members of each the Planning Board, Zoning Board and BOS.

The committee was formed by the board of selectmen to:

  • Identify key elements in selecting Land Use Counsel for the Town of Rockland.
  • This criterion was used to write a Request For Proposal (RFP) to receive resumes of qualified counsel to represent the town in Land Use matters.
  • The committee interviewed 10 firms/persons who responded to the RFP and the committee presented it’s top 3 choices to the BOS. At the Selectmen’s January 4th, 2010 meeting, the Selectmen voted to appoint the firm which they felt would best represent the town.