Animal Control

The Animal Control Department is here to enforce both the town by-laws as well as the state laws pertaining to animals. We work to assist and educate the public in these matters. If the public has questions regarding the laws, we are more then willing to help them.

The Animal Control Department responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • loose dogs
  • unlicensed dogs
  • dogs or cats hit by cars
  • unvaccinated dogs or cats (rabies)
  • barking dog complaints
  • quarantining dogs that have bitten
  • animal abuse complaints
  • found dogs
  • loose livestock i.e. horses, cattle
  • livestock inspections
  • sick or injured wildlife
  • enforcement of Chapter 140 laws
  • dog bite, attack (people or another dog)
  • dog attacks on livestock or pets of any type
  • quarantining dogs that have fought with or killed wildlife

Animal Control is not responsible for the following:

  • Wildlife in people’s homes, sheds, garages, etc., unless emergency circumstances exist. This includes but is not limited to raccoons, skunks, bats, squirrels. For a problem such as these, please call Panther – Problem Animal and Pest Control; Joanne (857) 526-2617 24hrs.
  • Animal Control does not trap wildlife that is doing property damage. i.e. woodchucks eating gardens, skunks digging up lawns. This is a job for someone licensed to do pest removal.
  • For dead wildlife in someone’s yard, they can bury it in their yard, or bag it and put it out with their trash, gloves should be worn.
  • Found baby wildlife: people should call New England Wildlife at (781)-682-4878. The best thing you can do, is leave it alone.
  • If you have a cat in a tree, you can hire someone to climb the tree, or put tuna or sardines at the base of the tree. Mike’s Tree Service 826-5886, will come and charge you for their services.
  • Animal Control will not release a skunk trapped by accident by a home owner meant to trap something else.
  • Rockland does not have a “Pooper Scopper” Law. When people complain about this there is nothing under the law that can be done. It is a common courtsey to pick up after the dog.

Ian Davidson  Animal Control Officer
(781) 871-3890 Ext. 127 or email [email protected]