South Shore Recycling Cooperative

The South Shore Recycling Cooperative is a voluntary association of South Shore municipalities established in 1998.

The SSRC is a regional government entity with dedicated staff.

It helps its Member municipalities improve their recycling programs, and reduce the quantity, toxicity and cost of disposal by:

MANAGING their solid waste programs efficiently

MAINTAINING a working knowledge of service providers and the most efficient systems available for managing municipal solid waste

PROVIDING economy of scale through regional procurement of services while allowing member towns to maintain full control over solid waste management

EDUCATING residents about how and why they should manage their waste materials thoughtfully

ADVOCATING for funding, sensible laws and regulations that accomplish the goal of minimizing waste and cost, and maximizing recovery of useful materials

Become A Member Town

Contact: Claire Galkowski, Executive Director South Shore Recycling Cooperative
Phone: 781-329-8318