MetroLEC Specialties

The following is a current menu of MetroLEC specialties available to any member agency when requested. The requesting agency remains the command and control unit and utilizes the MetroLEC asset requested recognizing the specialties and working in conjunction with the Metro Commanders and Control Chief assigned to the event. With this process, a mitigation process is in place to utilize assets in the most beneficial methods and work towards the desired result in the safest and most expedient procedures along with the specialized tactics and response previously unavailable within to requesting agency. 

Specialties List

This initial list is comprised of events that demonstrate a tactical response to an event that has exceeded the capabilities of standard police resources:

  • Civil Disturbance: an unlawful assembly that constitutes a breach of the peace or an assembly of persons where there is an imminent danger of collective violence, destruction of property or other unlawful acts
  • Demonstration: an assemblage of persons exhibiting a public display of sympathy with or against, an individual, political, economic or social condition or movement
  • Manmade Disasters: aircraft crashes, railroad derailments, fires, or bombings
  • Natural Disasters: earthquake, floods, tornadoes as examples
  • Riot: of breach of the peace committed by persons in the furtherance of a common purpose to execute some concerted enterprise action against those who mat oppose them
  • Search and Rescue and Search and Recovery: the expedient and collective effort to locate safely a missing individual or group. The expanded effort following rescue attempts to locate the body or remains of those missing be it by desire of as a result of criminal or natural acts.
  • Wanted Persons or Escaped Prisoners: deliberate efforts to locate individuals with a propensity towards violence and mitigate their safe and expedient return to custody
  • Situations that are beyond the realm of everyday police work, and where the expertise of the MetroLEC team is required to mitigate and reduce risk of injury to civilians, police officers, and perpetrators.