MetroLEC Events

MetroLEC also continues to train alongside other Massachusetts Law Enforcement Councils and regularly assists and coordinates Multi-LEC events such as Urban Shield, MacTac events, and trainings where a broader regional based concept is requested. These shared training events can identify weaknesses, improve communications and stimulate the cooperation of multiple assets towards a more unified and cohesive response. Following the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon in 2003, MetroLEC has remained committed to working towards these goals and utilize lessons learned during our weeklong response to this event to evolve our tactics and performance to the highest level attainable. Partnerships with the Boston Police have remained strong following this event and contribute to our strength as a responding partner in the event of significant threats to our society. Metro also provides training to all member agencies at no cost to better educate and inform the Administrative and Supervisory members in identifying best practices in handling evolving events that may require a request for MetroLEC services and response. 

Some examples are lost person events, unrest at union or labor actions, identification of the high-risk warrant service matrix and best practices in active shooter initial patrol response.

Reviewing Events

MetroLEC and MetroSwat continue to evolve and seek ways to better serve the membership and community. Each incident is debriefed and critically reviewed for strengths and weaknesses and changes or adjustments are integrated into future events to insure the safest and best possible outcome is attained. With that, our hallmarks continue to be best exemplified by the phrase "Training, Teamwork, Discipline and Restraint" and towards this end we remain true.