Traffic Unit

Rockland Police MassachusettsThe officers of the Rockland Police Department's Traffic Unit are committed to the safe movement of vehicles and pedestrians within the town of Rockland.

The approach used to deliver this level of service includes the three E's, which are Enforcement, Education and Engineering. The ultimate goal of the Traffic Unit is to fulfill the Department's Mission Statement by creating a safe environment and to work together with the community to reduce traffic-related injuries.

The Traffic Unit is part of the Community Oriented Police and Problem Solving (COPPS) Unit. The Traffic Unit has developed a Traffic Oriented Police and Problem-Solving function (TOPPS) within the Traffic Unit.


The Traffic Unit's primary responsibility is to enforce all traffic laws and to investigate collisions within the town of Rockland. The Traffic Unit Officers have had extensive training in accident reconstruction, they are certified Accident Reconstruction Specialists. They also handle parking enforcement including RV's, abandon vehicles and vehicles parked illegally. The Traffic Unit oversees special events and parades in the town.

What Happens if a Police Officer Stops Your Vehicle?

Our Commitment: The impact on public safety and quality of life caused by motor vehicles speeding through residential neighborhoods is the number one concern of the residents of Rockland. The Police Department is committed to work with the community through awareness, education and enforcement.

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